1. STINKERS                         An evening of Square Dancing to called records.

2. BLACK CAT                      Dancing on FRIDAY THE 13th!!

3. DONKEY                           Information can be obtained from dancer that has been initiated.

4. SANTA CLAUSE               Dancing at an advertised Christmas Dance.

5. SOCK HOP                        Dancing in socks only. Loudest pair wins a prize.

6. BE-DEVIL                           Be-devil the caller. Attire a bright red - please.

7. GLOW WORM                   A lights out mixer. Gentlemen carry a flashlight in hip pocket. Start out with mother, but bet you won’t end up with her!

8. GRASSHOPPER                 Dancing in the grass barefooted.

9. GOON                                Dancing in a supermarket or restaurant.

10. SQUIRRELS                     Four or more couples make noise and act up to distract the caller.

11. KANGROO                      It’s a secret - ask one who is wearing one.

12. KNOT HEAD                   Must travel at least 100 miles to a Square Dance.

13. TURTLE                            Must be subscribed for by old turtles. Ask one!

14. MOON LIGHTERS          Dancing by moonlight!

15. CAKE WALK                   The Square Dance version of the ole fashion cakewalk.

16. STATE HOPPER              Must square dance in two or more states the same night.

17. GRANDPA                       (We’re off our rockers) Are you a proud grandparent?

18. GRANDMA                      (We’re off our rockers) Are you a proud grandparent?

19. FIRST NITER                   For dancing out the old and dancing in the new.

20. HARD LUCK                    Making a good thing out of an otherwise unlucky situation on the way to a Square dance.


21. NITE OWL                       Must square dance until 3:00 A.M.

22. JACK-O-LANTERN        For the brave souls that get out on Halloween and dance.

23. RACOON                         Travel at least 100 miles to a square dance and getting home after

3:00 A.M.

24. DIE HARD                        Must dance five nights in a row to earn this one!

25. HOBO                               Hobo attire at an advertised square dance.

26. SHIRT SNATCHER          Caller’s shirt must be removed and one tip called without his shirt.

27. KISSIN’KUSSINS           To join the club you must receive a kiss and be welcomed by the person wearing one ! !

28. PARADE                           Must dance on a float or take part in a parade.

29. BARN DANCE                 Dancing a tip in a country barn, converted dance floor are out.

30. SQUARE DUCKS            It takes wet feet for this one. Must dance in the water.

31. SON OF THE BEACHES   At least one tip must be danced on the beach.

32. RAIN DROPS                   Dance two tips in the rain.

33. LUAU                                An advertised Hawaiian square dance - in appropriate attire.

34. SOUR PUSS                     Each dancer sucks wedge of lemon. Sure way to crack up the caller!!

35. CHILI DOG                      An advertised chilidog dance.

36. SQUARE ANGELS          For members that help a caller with new class. This means regular attendance at all classes – Please ! !

37. IDIOT                                Four or more couples in night attire wake up a caller and have him call a tip.

38. CRACK POT                    One tip in the bathroom. Caller in the room also.

39. CHOO-CHOO                  It’s a secret!! Information will be given to callers only.

40. CAMPER                          A tent is a must! For couples whom dance and camp out the same night.

41. EAGER BEAVER             Dancing every night for a week!!

42. PURPLE HEART              For the person who dances in a square with three callers. Be prepared!!

43. T. V.                                 Dancing on television.

44. SCHOOL BOARD            Must attend a dance held in a schoolhouse.

45. JAIL BIRD                        Must dance at least one tip in a jail.

46. WATERMELON               An advertised watermelon feast.

47. INDIAN LODGE              A square dance on an Indian Reservation.

48. PIZZA                               Dance and pizza dinner or at a Pizza Parlor.

49. ICE CREAM                     Dancing at an Ice Cream Dance - a cool one for summer.

50. CHURCH MOUSE           Must attend a Square Dance held in a church.

51. RUNNING BEAR             Must complete a tip with no errors. This must be the Running Bear number.

52. VENUS                             Must complete one tip without use of hands.

53. SPOT LIGHTER               Must dance in an exhibition before the public audience.

54. FRIENDSHIP.                  Must have signatures of at least 10 callers - promoted friendship and visiting.

55. MUMMY                 Must wrap a caller completely in toilet tissue while he is calling a tip!!!

56. SAND FLEA                     Must dance on the sand barefooted at least one tip.

57. LONG DISTANCE           Must dance a tip called over a telephone by a caller at least 50 miles away.

58. APPLE MUNCHER          Every dancer must dance a tip while munching an apple.

59. RED BEANS                     An advertised dance serving Red Beans.

60. BLACK SHEEP                You are a Black Sheep if you can successfully complete a dance, other than that called by the caller !

61. CAVE MAN                     You must forcefully steal a taw while in process of squaring up.

62. RAT                                   While the host club is having refreshments you set on the floor eating cheese and crackers.

63. THIEF                               At least one square visits another club and ‘steals’ their club banner and displays it at their next club dance. The host club then returns the visit with a full square  to ‘steal’ back their club banner.

64. YELLOW ROCK              Means ‘hug your corner’ and do it frequently ! ! !

65. VALENTINE                     Dancing at an advertised Valentines Dance.

66. CARAVAN                       Travel in a caravan of three (3) cars or more to a dance.

67. BOOTS ‘N’ BAGS            Must dance a tip with boots in paper bag. Those with torn paper bags are out !

68. BEST DANCER BY A DAM SITE Dance on a dam of any kind; earthen, concrete.

69. PANTY WATCHER          For those who get caught sitting out watching panties ! !

70. WORKER BEE                  Must be faithful worker in the club. Good to give to a member of the club.   

71. ROVER                              Must travel 1000 miles or more from home to a dance.

72. CAMEL                             It’s a secret. Ask one wearing one ! !

73. SUICIDE                           Dancing a tip on a highway intersection - lottsa luck ! !

74. SIAMESE TWINS            Dancing double partners in a tip – takes 16 to a square.

75. TAR BABY                       Must earn this one dancing on Asphalt !

77. MEXICAN FIESTA          Dancing at a Mexican Dance.

78. CALLERS REVENGE      For those callers with a revenge to Square Dancers ! !

79. SNOW BUNNY               For dancing a tip in the snow..

80. BOURBON STREET        For those dancing on Bourbon Street in New Orleans, LA.

81. COLONEL                       Must be initiated by Col. Puff Puff ! Ask one wearing this dangle.

82. INTERNATIONAL DANCER  Must Square Dance out of the country.

83. SINGING CALLS             Dancing to an evening of all Singing Calls.

84. PATIENCE & PERSEVERANCE   For those showing much patience and perseverance to new students of Square Dancing. Usually given to members for their appreciation,

85. I B T C                              Its’ a secret ! ! Ask a dancer wearing one.

86. MARDI GRAS                  In the merriment and spirit of the pre-Lenten season.

87. SHAMROCK                    For dancing on St. Pat’s Day.

88. LEAP YEAR                      For dancing on February 29th.

89. ARKY                                For dancing Arky-Style.

90. A PEACH                          It’s a secret ! ! Must ask a dancer wearing this dangle.

91. ELEVATOR                      Crowd in an elevator and try dancing a tip! !  Fun

92. ASTRONAUT                   It’s a secret ! Ask one wearing one.

93. DIPLOMA                        Great to show the date of your graduation.

94. CHARTER MEMBER       For those who are Charter Members of a Club.

95. BALLOON                        Dancing a tip while keeping a balloon in the air – must not touch the floor.

   96. CLOWN                            Dancing at a carnival, fair, or other place of amusement.

97. BLACK OUT                    All lights out for this one! ! Dance a tip in the dark.

98. SACK DANCE                 Dancing with a sack over your head – no peekie !

99. OLD SALT                        For the sailors – dancing on a boat !

 1100. CANDLELIGHT              Patio dancing with candlelight only.

101. BAREFOOT                    Dancing barefoot !

 1102. TOPLESS                        For the hairless dancer.

103. EMERSON                      For the fellows – ask one wearing one! !

 1104. AMATURE CALLER      A chance to show off your stuff at Amateur Callers Night.

105. GOOFER                         Making a goof while dancing a tip earns you this one !

106. CINDERELA                   A chance for the ladies to dress their best !

107. RETRIVER                       Being part of the group retrieving a club banner.

108. GREEN ROCK                Huggin' the Caller.

109. RED ROCK                     Huggin’ your partner.

110. BARBIE DOLL                It’s a secret ! Ask a dancer wearing one.

111. THANKSGIVING           Dance on Thanksgiving or attend a Thanksgiving Special.

112. POGO                              It’s a secret – ask a dancer wearing one !

113. MUSTANG/PONY TAIL   Ask a Dancer wearing one.

114. HOT PAINTS                  Dancing a tip wearing hot pants.

115. MOUNTAIN DEW          Completing this call without any errors !

116. BUS                                 Traveling to a dance in a bus.

117. BI-CENTENNIAL           Dancing in 1976 – have you earned yours?

118. KITCHEN MAID             Having K. P. duty.

119. 4th OF JULY                    Dancing on the 4th of July.

120. PANTS SNATCHER       Snatching the Callers pants while he is calling a tip.

121. STREAKER                     Streaking during or seeing a streaker while at a dance.

122. SHE SHE                         Ladies as partners.

123. HE HE                              Men as partners

124. WASHATERIA                Dance a tip in the Laundromat.

125. MYSTERY DANCE         Attending a special “Mystery Dance” or to a “Mystery Caller”

126. BOMBADIER                   A secret – ask a dancer wearing one.

127. PICKLE                            Eating/sucking on a pickle while dancing earns you this one.

128. LIFESAVER                     Dance a tip holding a lifesaver on a toothpick in your mouth.

129. MUDSTOMPER               Dance a tip barefoot in the mud.

130. CLODHOPPER                All dancers wear combat boots or overshoes.

131. CLOGGER                        For those who clog.

132. LUCKENBACH                Dance to the “Song” or in the town of Luckenbach.

133. CPR                                   Completing a course in Cardiac Pulmonary Respiratory.

134. HALF A PEAR                  Looking for the other half.

135. NATIONALS                    Oklahoma City ‘78

136. I LOVE S. D.                     Wearing this proves it..

137. ZIPPER LIP                       No talking thru an entire tip.

138. RUSSIAN BOOTS            It’ a secret. Ask one wearing one.

139. CLUB ANNIVERSARY    Celebrating a clubs anniversary

140. PRESIDENT                      Having held this office.

141. VICE PRESIDENT            Having held this office.

142. SECRETARY                     Having held this office.

143. TREASURER                     Having held this office.

144. LIFE MEMBER                  Life membership in a club.

145. BREAKFAST                     Going out for breakfast after a dance.

146. TEASER                             Dancing on April the first – April Fool

147. WILD GOOSE                   Going to a dance that has been cancelled or on the wrong night.      

148. MEMORIAL                      Dancing on Memorial weekend.

149. SNOWMAN                      Dancing in the snow or while snowing.

150. MISS PIE                           Secret.

151. TOGA DANCE                  Dancing while wearing a toga.

152. MURDER MYSTERY        Secret.

153. SNOW SHOES                  Dancing while wearing snow shoes.

154. RECYCLED                       A recycled senior to a teenager.

155. NO MUSIC                        Dancing without any music.

156. PIRATE                              Dancing with one eye closed or covered.

157. SHIP OR BOAT                 Dancing a tip on a ship or boat.

158. SOMBRER                         At least one dancer in a square wearing a sombrero while dancing a tip.

159. HOTEL                               Dancing a tip in a hotel lobby, lounge, or bar.

160. HARVEST                          Dancing during the harvest month.

161. RED HAT                           A red hat dance special.

162. SMILE                                For that dancer that always has a smile

163. BIRTHDY                           Celebrating a milestone birthday.

164. MONKEY                          Dancing a tip while eating a banana.

165. CRAXY HAT                     Design a crazy hat and wear it to the dance.

166. PUZZLER                           It is a puzzle.

167. NO ADULTS                     Dancing with no adults in the square.